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Product details

These n-gineric USB stationary transducers ensure fastening accuracy and quality control on your manufacturing lines. Can be used with discontinuous drive tools, direct drive, oil pulse and mechanical pulse tools . Validate and verify accuracy and repeatability of assembly tools. No additional proprietary hardware needed.

Key features

  • USB - Standard USB connection
  • Verifies torque range from 1 cNm – 100 Nm
  • Strain gauge-based torque measurement with aluminum housing & double ball bearing construction
  • High-precision measurement by 24-bit resolution of the torque measurement

Additional Model #'s

ng-TTS01-cu, ng-TTS02-cu, ng-TTS05-cu, ng-TTS10-cu, ng-TTS20-cu, ng-TTS50-xu, ng-TTS100-xu,
ng-TTS200-xu, ng-TTS500-xu, ng-TTS1000-xu, ng-TTS2000-xu, ng-TTS5000-qu, ng-TTS10000-qu