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Product details

These n-gineric USB portable stationary transducers ensure fastening accuracy and quality control on your manufacturing lines. Can be used with discontinuous drive tools, direct drive, oil pulse and mechanical pulse tools. Validate and verify accuracy and repeatability of assembly tools. No additional proprietary hardware needed.

Internal parameter memory makes this plug and play stationary transducer unique to the industry that only requires a Windows PC or Android device. Software included at no extra expense.

Key features

  • Eco - Compact size - Optional ng-Link - Standard USB connector
  • Verifies torque range from 5 Nm – 50 Nm
  • Strain gauge-based torque measurement with aluminum housing & double ball bearing construction
  • High-precision measurement by 24-bit resolution of the torque measurement


Additional Model #'s

ng-eTTS500-qu, ng-eTTS1000-qu, ng-eTTS2000-qu, ng-eTTS5000-qu