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Rotary Transducer - Oil Pulse Tool

Product details

n-gineric pulse tool rotary transducers measure accurate torque, speed, and angle. Mount directly to continuous drive or pulse tools during assembly for validation and audits. Perform joint analysis based on graph data plotting. No additional proprietary hardware needed.

Internal parameter memory makes this plug and play rotary transducer unique to the industry that only requires a Windows PC or Android device.

Key features

  • Intelligent - Ultra compact - ng-Link, standard USB and Ethernet connection - Extended RPM range up to up to 10,000 RPM - Requires ng-eTTR/USB-A 1.8m cable (01-90-00008-01)
  • Verifies torque range from 80 Nm - 160 Nm & High resolution incremental encoder
  • High resolution incremental encoder, Highly portable rotating angle transducer offers quality audit tools for redundancy or final torque
  • Graph data plotting and overlay for robust joint signature analysis
  • High-precision measurement by 24-bit resolution of the torque measurement

Oil Pulse Tool Rotary Transducers

Model Number

Torque Range


Drive Type


+/- 80 Nm


1/2" Square Drive


+/- 100 Nm


1/2" Square Drive


+/- 120 Nm


1/2" Square Drive


+/- 160 Nm


1/2" Square Drive

Additional Model #'s

ng-vTTR8000-qi, ng-vTTR10000-qi, ng-vTTR12000-qi, ng-vTTR16000-qi