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n-gineric Accessories - Torque Arm

Product details

The arms have a solid profile construction with a double ball roller guide mounted behind it, from which we expect a smooth running in the Z direction. The joint axes are double-supported, and we can set the bearing clearance precisely. With this setup, we expect a massive improvement in positioning repeatability and handling.

Key features

  • Horizontal Reach 200 mm
  • Vertical Reach 300 mm
  • Adjustable Spring Balancer for tool weight 1 to 2 kg
  • Fixture Clamp
  • Weight: 3.8 Kg


Linear-Arm with position monitoring ng-LAP400

Device holder with vertical linear guide and two hinge axes

•Horizontal travel 400 mm

•Vertical travel 300 mm


Linear Arm ng-LA200

Arms provide ergonomic support for the operator by a smooth Linear Arms provide ergonomic support for the operator by a smooth movement and by the absorption of the reaction torque. They are highly recommended to be used for handheld screw tightening applications. Vertical alignment is mandatory to prevent from cross threading and avoiding the rotation of the screwdriver housing eliminates possible deviations of the angle measurement, as happens if the tool was just held manually.

The ng-LA200 is prepared for the Micro Sensor Torque Driver Spindles

Micro Sensor Torque Driver Spindles Model Numbers

• ng-TDH50-hi, ng-TDH50-hu • ng-TDH100-hi, ng-TDH100-hu • ng-TDH200-xi, ng-TDH200-xu • ng-TDH400-xi, ng-TDH400-xu • ng-TDH500-xi, ng-TDH500-xu• ng-eTDH100-xi, ng-eTDH100-xu • ng-eTDH200-xi, ng-eTDH200-xu • ng-eTDH400-xi, ng-eTDH400-xu • ng-eTDH500-xi, ng-eTDH500-xu

Carbon Telescopic Arm ng-TA900

The telescopic support arm made of carbon fibers absorbs the reaction torque of the screw drive. It reduces the workload when screwing and at the same time prevents incorrect measurements of the angle of rotation during the screwing process. It is attached to the workplace using a bracket and, thanks to its smooth operation, ensures optimal freedom of movement.

• Extension path: 460 - 950 mm (usable max. 900 mm)

• Maximum torque load: 12 Nm

• Retaining clip