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Product details

The SPV-DC enables high efficiency dual lane production in a compact package. Achieve compact dual-lane and high-efficiency production while cutting operating costs. Paperless cleaning technology allows for improved overall quality in an integrated line using Panasonic mounters.

Key features

  • Paperless cleaning cuts down on paper and solvent use
  • Perforated pot-type automatic solder supply allows for labor savings and uninterrupted operation
  • PCB pickup blower (switch type) creates airflow pathways from metal mask to PCB
  • Mask inspection alleviates mask aperture clogging and solder bleed
  • Solder inspection prevents solder displacement, bridging, streaking, and bleeding

Specification Description
Model No. NM-EJP9A
PCB Dimensions (mm) * L 50 x W 50 to L 350 x W 300
PCB Exchange Time * 13.0s (6.5s/PCB) Including transfer, positioning, recognition, each-time cleaning.
Printing & cleaning conditions: Our recommended conditions (PCB dimensions L 250 x W 165)
Repeatability 2 Cpk ± 5.0 μm 6 σ The repeatability of same PCB
Equal to ± 5.0 μm ± 3 σ (or ±2.5 μm ±1.5 σ)
Screen Frame Dimensions (mm) * L 736 x W 736, L 650 x W 550, L 550 x W 650, L 750 x W 750, L 584 x W 584
Electric Source * 1-phase AC 200, 220, 230, 240 V ±10V Max. 4.0 kVA
Pneumatic Source * 0.5 MPa, 560 L / min (A.N.R.)
Dimensions (mm) * W 1,650 x D 2,446 x H 1,500 (maximum protrusion D 2,528)
Mass * 2,650 kg
* Values such as maximum speed may vary depending on operating conditions.
* Please refer to the "Specification" booklet for details.
[*1]: When using paperless cleaning, dimensions are L50 x W50 – L350 x W250
[*2]: PCB exchange time varies depending on the machine in the pre-process and the post process, the PCB size, the use of a PCB pressing-down unit and so forth.
[*3]: For mask specifications, please see the specification.
[*4]: Including blower and vacuum pump "Option"
[*5]: When using the mask suction function
[*6]: Except for the signal tower and the touch panel.
[*7]: With full options