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Product details

Panasonic's MD-P200 is a high-productivity die bonder. The synchronous head system offers unparalleled productivity, providing results that surpass conventional die bonders. The wafer supply, pre-centering, bond head and dispenser work in parallel to achieve high-throughput.

The MD-P200 solves today's need for small and thin die bonding and offers capabilities for tomorrow's challenges as well. Accurate die pre-centering ensures minimal die tilt and a novel ejector design handles thin dies. Functionality for multi-die packages is also available.

Key features

  • Real time US monitoring function realizes stable quality by monitoring process parameters during production
  • Wafer mapping software capability
  • Low bond force option
  • Epoxy writing or pin transfer
  • Various advanced software functions (option) will fulfill various requirement, depending on purposes

Specification Description
Model ID MD-P200
Model No. NM-EFD1B
Productivity * 0.56 s / IC(Under the fastest conditions)
0.75 s / IC for thermosonic bonding(Including process time of 0.2 seconds. Under the fastest conditions)
Placement Accuracy * XY(3σ at PFSC conditions):
±7 μm(Flip bonding), ±15 μm(With pre-centering), ±25 μm(Direct bonding)
Substrate Dimensions (mm) L 50 × W 30 to L 280 × W 140(For thermosonic : L 200 × W 150 )
Die Dimensions (mm) L 0.25 × W 0.25 to L 6 × W 6
Number of Die Types Up to 12 types(For AWC)/ UP to 10 types(Tray with the palette changer)/
Up to 5 types(Wafer frame with the palette changer)
Die Supply Wafer frame, Pre-expanded ring, Tray
Adhesive Dispenser Air-powered writing, Stamping pin
Bonding Load Pneumatic head : 0.5 N to 10 N(Option : 1 N to 50 N)
VCM head for thermosonic process : 1 N to 50 N(Option : 2 N to 100 N)
Head Heating Constant heating, Up to 250℃ for the pneumatic head, Up to 300℃ for the VCM head
Substrate Heating Constant heating, Up to 300℃
Number of Nozzles Up to 24 nozzles(Pickup nozzle, Bonding nozzle, Stamping tool)(Not available for the thermosonic nozzle)
Power Source * 3-phase AC 200 V ±10V, 50 / 60 Hz, Up to 4 kVA(Up to 7 kVA for heating specification)
Pneumatic Source 0.5 MPa, 30 L / min(A.N.R.)(Up to 150 L / min for full-featured machine including cooling air)
Dimensions (mm) Standard specification(Up to 200 mm substrate length. Including loader/unloader)
W 1,950 × D 1,190 × H 1,720 (Machine body : W 1,190 × D 1,190 × H 1,720)
Mass 2,200 kg(Including loader / unloader)
[*1]:The described productivity and placement accuracy may differ depending on the conditions of use.
[*2]:Three phase 208 / 220 / 380 / 400 / 415 / 480
For more details, please refer to the specification sheet.