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Product details

The APX300-S is forged from history of proven dry etch technology, including the patented development of the Multi-Spiral Inductive Coupled Plasma coil (MS-ICP) and its application for array of compound semiconductor materials. The APX300-S can process wafers used in the power devices, SAW filters, communication devices or MEMS sensor markets.

Our Multi-Spiral Coil ICP (MS-ICP) source technology allows your operation to realize highly uniform process results. Available Beamed type ICP (BM-ICP) option with higher electron density performs faster processing and allows a wider range of process capability. Also available with both Atmospheric and Vacuum handling system options.

Key features

  • Patented Multi-Spiral ICP Coil (MSC-ICP) for uniform plasma source
  • Optional Beam-Type ICP (BM-ICP) for high-density plasma source
  • Low etching damage due to highly uniform non-magnetic plasma
  • Wider matching area provides a large plasma area
  • Optional φ200mm Atmospheric or φ150mm Vacuum load-lock