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100Nm 1/2" Square Drive Torque Transducer


Product details

Leading manufacturers use Panasonic torque testing equipment to ensure repeatable fastening accuracy on their assembly lines. Where quality assurance is critical, our 100Nm 1/2” drive transducer calibrates all types of medium-torque shut-off assembly tools and hand wrenches. Quickly perform essential tests for consistent precision and quality. Measure accurate torque output of a tool and verify repeatability throughout its lifecycle on an application.

Key features

  • 100Nm 1/2" square drive, accurately certify any type of shut-off tool or hand wrench
  • USB plug and play technology for automatic transducer ID & recognition
  • Joint simulator design accurately simulates clamp load | accuracy class: 0.1 % of F.S.R.
  • Resolves friction issues inherent to conventional joint simulators
  • Full bridge strain, gauge-based torque measurement | smart memory feature retains settings

Specification Description
Torque Range 100 Nm 1/2" Square Drive
Dimensions 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 2 1/2"
Included Accessories Software & USB Cable Included
Weight 1.2

Build your reputation on quality control and precision

To achieve the highest standards of quality manufacturing, calibration of your torque tools is a must. Panasonic Intelligent Torque Transducers can test and certify any type of torque tool used on a manufacturing line, including:

  • Mechanical pulse tools*
  • Oil pulse tools
  • Current controlled and transducerized (DC) power tools
  • Click, beam, and hand dial wrenches
  • Can also be used with all of our competitors' tools, making it an incredibly versatile addition to any plant

*When used with Panasonic joint simulators, our transducers are the only ones on the market that can accurately verify mechanical pulse tools. No other transducer-joint simulator combination can do this.

Powerful 32-bit CPU provides digital reliability

Featuring a robust 32-bit CPU and 24-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC), our static transducers improve reliability of measurement and eliminate external interference. An innovative washer design, with almost no friction, simulates clamp load more accurately.

Simple PC-based torque analyzer software for graphing and analysis

We’ve made it easy to use so you can deploy and start testing your tools immediately. Quickly connect Intelligent Torque Transducers to any PC or tablet. Once you complete the easy setup, use the included software to adjust settings for verifying whichever tool you’re working with. The software automatically IDs the transducer.

Easily export graphs into Excel for additional manipulation. Quick export of raw torque data into Excel with statistical process control functionality. Graphs torque vs. time. Display torque units in Nm, in. lbs., ft. lbs., in. oz., cNm, mNm. And more. No separate analyzer or special cables needed. Only the transducer, USB cable and a PC are required for use.  

Robust and built to last for long-life service

Utilizing an aluminum housing and double ball bearings, Panasonic transducers are built to provide years of reliable operation for plants that value precision, error-proofing and quality assurance in manufacturing. Built for simplicity and optimal results, Panasonic transducers are compact, lightweight and totally portable. Place it in your calibration lab, tool crib, or even on a cart that can be moved around the factory floor and right to the application where you’re testing.