3.6V Cordless Clutch Screwdriver Kit


Product details

Our 3.6V 1.5Ah Li-Ion cordless auto shutoff clutch screwdriver offers one of the lightest and longest running low torque clutch tools available today. A durable all-steel clutch delivers 21-clutch positions and a wide torque range. Two-speed reversible trigger action and an ultra-ergonomic two-position handle offer high production and ultimate operator comfort. Batch counting enables accuracy and error proofing. Kit includes battery and charger.

Key features
  • Two-speed reversible motor and 21-stage steel clutch with auto shutoff
  • Batch count function to 99 fasteners with rehit prevention, 3 programmable tones for batch complete
  • Drive 1,000 M5 x 5/16-inch screws into pre-drilled holes on a single battery charge
  • Extreme versatility with 1/4" hex quick change chuck, drill and driver mode, LED light
  • Clutch cover for operator lockout

Specification Description
Battery Capacity 1.5Ah
Battery Indication Lamp YES
Brushless Motor NO
Carrying Case NO
Charging Time - Full 30 Min
Chuck Size Drive
Clutch 21 Stage clutch with auto shut off.
High Accuracy YES
Hybrid Switch NO
LED Light YES - Yellow LED to reduce glare
Low Battery Disable NO
Quality Control Assurance Yes Clutch Cover
Speeds 2 speed gearbox: Low 200 rpm, High 600 rpm
Torque Range 2.7 - 25.7 in.lbs
Variable Speed 2 Speed / Reverse
Voltage 3.6V
Wireless Communication NO
Dimensions Length 10-55/64" in straight format
Weight 1.10 lbs

14.4V Cordless Precision Clutch Tool, 5-10Nm



Accuracy and repeatability

Quality control requires repeatable fastening accuracy. That’s where Panasonic precision clutches go to work. Minimal moving parts and all-steel construction ensure durable, long-life operation on the most demanding assembly lines. With torque accuracy of +/-5%, even tighter on some applications, precision and repeatability are further increased by an automatic motor shut down as the clutch disengages. This efficient features reduces torque reaction and battery usage while increasing productivity by allowing more fasteners per charge.

Lightweight, big power for busy assembly lines

Compact and lightweight with the power to handle high-demand screw driving. Produces maximum torque of 39.0 in. lbs. in low speed and 13.3 in. lbs. in high speed. The 21-stage clutch adjusts torque from 2.7-25.68 in. lbs. in approximately 0.9 in. lbs. increments. A two-speed selector switch offers two no-load speeds of 0-200 rpm in low and 0-600 rpm in high.

Superior ergonomics for improved worker safety

Our screwdrivers are ergonomically designed with worker comfort top of mind. Access to fasteners can make life difficult for operators. At just over 1 lb, the two-position handle adjusts for optimal work access. The multi-positioned grips allow for two inline positions, or switch the handle to create a standard pistol grip.

Lightweight and balanced with a natural-feel dual-position grip and virtually no torque reaction. Reduces operator fatigue and injury while creating a healthier, more productive work environment. A modern cordless design allows total freedom of movement in tight work spaces for greater production efficiency.

Error-proofing & batch counting

Assure operators fasten every screw in the assembly process. The screw count function keeps track of the screws you want to drive, preventing human error. The auto-stop function counts the number of screws driven and notifies you with a unique tone when the preset number of screws are reached. The counter automatically resets after reaching the preset quantity

Quick-set control panel

At quick glance, operators can confirm batch counts and battery levels. A touch on the intuitive control panel allows you to change batch counts on the fly. The “Hold” switch prevents accidental controller touches, ensuring your settings and count will not change. Tool retains the last count number even if battery dies and when you switch to a charged battery.

Fastener rehit prevention

The double counting prevention feature prevents accidental rehits from altering batch count. Even if a screw is continuously tightened twice and work is completed within set time, the fastener is not counted. A quick controller change via the keypad can lockout the batch count feature for up to 3 seconds.

Light up dark work areas

A built-in LED light allows operators to illuminate dimly lit work areas for fast, accurate assembly. Ideal for gaining better visibility in tight, enclosed or deep dark spaces. The auto shut-off features turns light off after five minutes of idle operation to conserve battery power.

Extended long-life battery

At only 1.1 lbs., this lightweight 3.6V 1.5Ah screwdriver can drive 1,000 M5 x 5/16-inch screws into pre-drilled holes on a single battery charge. Battery can be charged to a usable level in 15 minutes or fully charged in 30 minutes using the EYOL10B or EYOL11B chargers.