14.4V Cordless Sealing Gun, Cartridge|Sausage


Product details

Easy sealing for plumbing, glass installation, fireproofing, automotive glass, more. Our 14.4 cordless sealing gun delivers long operating times for effectively applying large volumes of sealing material. Enjoy efficient, comfortable and no-mess work pace with the 360° turn-able aluminum tube. Powerful motor provides high pushing pressure and high flow rate for durable sealing and bonding. Accepts 10.3oz sealing cartridges & 20oz sausage. Includes battery.

Key features
  • 5 stage electric speed control dial for adjusting pressure
  • Fully automatic decompression
  • Pushing pressure - 4,410N (450 kgf., 992 lbs.)
  • High-performance 4.2Ah Li-ion battery pack included | 50 mins usable, 60 mins to full charge
  • Accepts 10.3 oz. sealant cartridges and 20 oz. sausage packs

Specification Description
Speeds 5 stage electric speed control dial for adjusting pressure
Automatic Detection Yes - Fully Automatic Decompression
Charging Time - Full 50/60 min
(Specifications) Dimensions (H x W x D) 22-1/16”×9-5/8”×5-1/2”
(Specifications) weight 6.28 lbs