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Cordless Programmable Clutch Tools

Product details

Our programmable 14.4V clutch tools offer repeatable fastening accuracy for assembly lines where quality monitoring and error proofing are essential. Featuring 1/4” hex quick-change chucks and all-steel fast action clutches, these drivers deliver torque range of 2Nm-10Nm with high accuracy ±10% @ Cmk better than 1.67 ≥ 3Nm. Connect a Panasonic controller for wireless error proofing. Easily program cross thread/ rehit detection, rundown speeds, and more.

Key features

  • 2-10Nm torque range
  • Programmable quick-set features improve precision, quality control and efficiency
  • Intelligent auto shut-off and photo interrupter sensor increases tool accuracy & clutch life
  • Superior ergonomics for improved worker safety
  • Brushless motor, all-steel clutch and hybrid switch nearly doubles tool life

Additional Features

  • Wireless models allow for advanced error proofing

Clutch Programmable



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