18V HR 2-Way Series Mechanical Pulse Tools


Specification Description
Voltage 18V
Shut-off Method Mechanical Pulse HR Series
Drive P = 1/2” Square Drive Pin Detent
Torque Range Nm 70-200Nm
Torque Range ft. lbs. 51.6-147.5 ft. lbs.
Torque Range in. lbs 619.55-1770.15 in. lbs.
Max Torque* (F mode, tightening 3 sec.) Approx. 470Nm M24 Bolt
Flush Detection Modes L1-L2
No Load Speed (Torque Setting: RPM) 1-30 & F: 0-2300
PPM (Pulses Per Min) 1-30 & F: 0-2200
Weight 6.6 lbs. (incl. 5.0Ah (EYFB50B))
Size (L x H x W) 9-11/64” x 11-1/4” x 3-1/32”
Wireless Communication with Assembly Qualifier Yes
2-Way Communication Yes (EYFR03/EYFR04 only)
LED Work Light: (ON/OFF Switch) Yes
OK/NOK Light: (Green: OK / Red: NOK) Yes
Rehit Prevention: (Possible to set per 0.1 sec. between 0-3 sec.) Yes
Battery Indication Lamp: (3 stage) Yes
Low Power Disable Yes
Prevent / Detect Cross Threads & Rehits Yes
Maintenance Interval Alarm Yes
Variable Speed On / Off Switch Yes
LED Light Setting: On / Off Yes
Buzzer: On / Off Yes
Snug torque detection delay (Possible to set between 0-3 sec. 0.1 sec. per stage) N/A
Socket Extension Mode (h1:150mm socket, h2: for 250mm socket) N/A
Work Capacity / Fastening Speed <M12: 100 N·m, Stage: 13> approx.500pcs/pack
Charging time (Battery pack EYFB50B, Charger EY0L82B) Usable Charge: approx. 65 min.
Full Charge: approx. 80 min (Battery pack EYFB51B, Charger EY0L82B)
Usable Charge: approx. 45 min. Full Charge: approx. 60 min