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Benefits for your business

Power tools

Quality manufacturing at a lower cost of ownership

Continuous quality improvement is essential for meeting production goals on every assembly line. And that requires the most accurate tools that can withstand the daily rigors of your plant floor. Panasonic assembly tools deliver eco-friendly operation, long-life componentry and modern ergonomics so you’ll lower running costs and increase ROI considerably over the long haul.

Clutch and mechanical pulse tools for every application

Equipping your assembly line with the right tools is fundamental to an efficient production process. Our versatile line of ergonomic hose-free clutch and mechanical pulse tools deliver the repeatable accuracy your products and customers demand.

Clutch tools

  • Advanced error-proofing, cross thread and rehit detection
  • High accuracy and repeatability to ±10 cmk ≧ 1.67 (in ≧ 3 Nm range)
  • All-steel clutch and minimal moving parts increase durability and lifespan
  • Quality tested to over 1 million cycles 

AccuPulse™ mechanical pulse tools

  • 3-120Nm torque control range
  • Wireless 2-way communication for advanced error proofing
  • Can function like a virtual socket tray with wireless version
  • High resolution encoder ensures precise fastening

Micro drivers for the smallest possible torque levels

Our industry 4.0-compliant adaptive screw tightening strategies from n-gineric deliver ultra-low-torque accuracy for applications that require precise, high-speed fastening of small parts.

  • Manage your micro assembly process on one software platform
  • Fully integrated design with minimal parts
  • Barcode scanning to easily initiate program
  • Easy configuration of work instructions, position sensor and bit tray

Go here for more information on the n-gineric micro driver system, exclusively distributed by Panasonic.

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power tools
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Transducerized DC tools & chargers

For data-driven smart factories seeking to improve production efficiency, HS-Technik transducerized fastening solutions deliver the ideal solution for any torque specification and space constraint.  

  • High-accuracy clutch for torque control ≤ ± 5%
  • Programmable in 8-steps for current, angle, speed, and time
  • Store a minimum of 150,000 tightening results with current and angle
  • 100 individual programs and intelligent battery management

Long-life battery technology

Panasonic lithium-ion battery technology powers millions of devices across the globe, from the world’s most advanced electric vehicles to solar battery storage systems. The same battery technology powers our clutch and mechanical pulse tools to provide you cleaner, longer untethered operation.

  • GuardION total system protection ensures long life, safety and reliability 
  • Tool, battery and charger work together as a single energy-efficient eco system
  • Sensors prevent overcharging/discharging to avoid cell damage and extend battery life
  • Increases battery life 2x over conventional Li-ion battery packs

High efficiency brushless motors

Increase ROI while maintaining the highest quality control standards. Our high-powered brushless motors improve efficiency, performance and tool life. Rare earth magnets promote faster working speeds and high power density while nearly doubling motor life. 

  • Compact motor size reduces physical length of tool for increased maneuverability
  • No brushes to wear out, generates cooler operating temperatures
  • 2X longer life and 25% more energy efficient than brushed motors 
  • High-power low-maintenance motor ideal for heavy load applications

Long-life hybrid switches

The switch on your power tools is usually the first thing to malfunction. Our hybrid switch solves this problem with a breakthrough for cordless assembly tools and your factory. Carrying less than 0.5 amps, compared to 20-30 amps for conventional tools, our hybrid switches virtually double the life of your new Panasonic tools. 

  • Low amperage working current of only 0.5 amps
  • Prevents premature deterioration of contacts
  • Drastically reduces downtime and costly repairs
  • 2X longer life than conventional switches

Worker health and safety

Negative effects from torque reaction can range from fatigue and nagging pain to more serious hand and wrist injuries. Direct and indirect costs such as medical treatment, increased insurance premiums, time off, and lost productivity can run into the tens of thousands or more. Our cordless assembly tools are ergonomically designed with worker health and safety top of mind.

  • Compact and lightweight for optimal ergonomics
  • Balanced T-shaped body and slim grip for improved operator comfort
  • Virtually no torque reaction up to 650 Nm 
  • Built-in LED light for accurate, safe operation in dimly lit areas