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AccuPulse - HR Series with 2-Way Communication, 10.8V Mechanical Pulse Tool, 6-30Nm


Product details

AccuPulse™ HR Series equips quality-conscious plants with the most advanced cordless mechanical pulse tools ever made. AccuPulse tools are ergonomically designed with worker safety top of mind. Compact and balanced with virtually no torque reaction to create a healthier, more productive work environment. A modern cordless design allows total freedom of movement for greater production efficiency.

Key features

  • Virtually no torque reaction
  • Provides 6-30Nm torque range from a 3/8” pin detent square drive
  • High resolution encoder ensures precise fastening of the highest accuracy
  • Innovative flush point detection mode for increased accuracy for varying joint types
  • Advanced programmable features for higher worker productivity and plant automation

Specification Description
Voltage 10.8V
Series AccuPulse - HR Series with 2-Way Communication
Drive 3/8” Sq. Pin Detent
Torque Range Nm 6-30Nm
Torque Range ft. lbs. 4.4-22 ft. lbs.
Torque Range in. lbs 53.1-265.52 in. lbs.
Max Torque* (F mode, tightening 3 sec.) 80m M14 Bolt
Flush Detection Modes L1 - L7
No Load Speed (Torque Setting: RPM) 1: 0 - 1300
2: 0 - 1450
3: 0 - 1550
4 - 40 & F: 0 - 2300
PPM (Pulses Per Min) 1: 0 ~ 2400
2: 0 ~ 2500
3: 0 ~ 2800
4 ~ 40 & F: 0 ~ 3300
Weight 2.53 lbs.
(incl. 2.0Ah (EYFB32B))
2.86 lbs.
(incl. 3.0Ah (EYFB30B))
Size (L x H x W) 6-3/8” x 9-51/64” x 2-61/64”
Wireless Communication with Assembly Qualifier (EYFR03A/B only)
LED Work Light: (ON/OFF Switch) Yes
OK/NOK Light: (Green: OK / Red: NOK) Yes
Rehit Prevention: (Possible to set per 0.1 sec. between 0-3 sec.) Yes
Battery Indication Lamp: (3 stage) Yes
Low Power Disable Yes
Prevent / Detect Cross Threads & Rehits Yes
Maintenance Interval Alarm Yes
Variable Speed On / Off Switch Yes
LED Light Setting: On / Off Yes
Buzzer: On / Off Yes
Flush Point Detection Delay (Possible to set between 0-3 sec.. 0.1 sec. per stage) Yes
Socket Extension Mode (h1:150mm socket, h2: for 250mm socket) Yes
Work Capacity / Fastening Speed* <M8: 23 N·m, Stage: 22> (EYFB30B) 800pcs/pack 0.8sec/1pcs (EYFB32B) 540 pcs/pack 0.8 sec/1pcs

High resolution encoder for increased accuracy

When fastening exactness is critical, accurately detecting flush and snug points are essential. A high resolution encoder senses motor rotation angle precisely and detects exact flush points for varying joint types.

Anvil angle pulses-per-rotation are 8 times faster compared to our standard mechanical pulse tools, delivering improved accuracy of the highest order. 7-stage snug point detection on L1-L7 applications ensure your line produces the highest levels of accuracy for light and heavy loads.

Consistent pulse control enforces precision fastening and quality control

Consistent pulse control ensures the power of each pulse stays constant regardless of remaining battery capacity, resulting in greater precision. Before battery power becomes too low to maintain torque, the tool shuts down automatically, preserving fastening specifications and quality assurance.

Advanced programming improves plant automation and efficiency

Feature-rich programmable functionality helps improve fastening accuracy, quality control, automation and efficiency across your plant. Easily program these valuable features:

  • Socket extension mode Auto adjusts tool RPM during pulsing to improve accuracy when using an extension.
  • Cross thread reduction The tool first reverses 540 degrees, aligning the threads and greatly reducing the likelihood of cross threads.
  • Cross thread/rehit detection If shut-off is activated before the programmable minimum runtime, the tool alerts operator of an NOK fastening.
  • Retightening prevention To eliminate over-torqueing, prevents tool operation within a selected time after automatic stop from torque control sensor. Switch will not operate if engaged during this time period.
  • Maintenance interval alarm When total fastenings are within 10,000 of the preset maintenance interval, a notification shows on the display. When preset interval is reached, tool is locked out from further use. Ensures regular maintenance and long tool life.
  • Flush detection delay Delays Flush Detection mode and ignores loads for a pre-selected time.