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Product details

Panasonic has been a battery and charger pioneer for more than 90 years. The same Panasonic Li-ion technology that powers the most advanced electric cars also powers our cordless assembly tools. Our Ni-MH battery packs power lighter duty Panasonic professional screwdrivers. Our innovative Li-ion GuardION system ensures long life and safety with the tool, battery, and charger working together as a single energy efficient battery management system.

Key features

  • Sensors prevent overcharging/discharging to avoid cell damage and extend battery life
  • Automatic power shut-off prevents overheating, doubling battery life over conventional Li-ion packs
  • Fast charging times and long run times deliver greater production in any shop or job site
  • Advanced GuardION system for Li-ion batteries provide long life and safety

Additional model #'s

EY0L20B, EY0L82B, EY0110B, EY0L11B, EY9L10B, EY9L20B, EYFB30B, EYFB32B, EYFB41B, EYFB43B, EYFB50B, EYFB51B, EYFB60B, EYFB61B, EY9L45B, EY9L51B, EY9L54B, EY9L82B, EY9221B, EY9230B, EYC941B, EYC950B, EYC954B