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Product details

Panasonic has been a battery and charger pioneer for more than 90 years. The same Panasonic Li-ion technology that powers the most advanced electric cars also powers our cordless assembly tools. Our Ni-MH battery packs power lighter duty Panasonic professional screwdrivers. Our innovative Li-ion GuardION system ensures long life and safety with the tool, battery, and charger working together as a single energy efficient battery management system.

Key features

  • Sensors prevent overcharging/discharging to avoid cell damage and extend battery life
  • Automatic power shut-off prevents overheating, doubling battery life over conventional Li-ion packs
  • Fast charging times and long run times deliver greater production in any shop or job site
  • Advanced GuardION system for Li-ion batteries provide long life and safety


Battery Table

Additional models

EY0L20B, EY0L82B, EY0110B, EY0L11B, EY9L10B, EY9L20B, EYFB30B, EYFB32B, EYFB41B, EYFB43B, EYFB50B, EYFB51B, EYFB60B, EYFB61B, EY9L45B, EY9L51B, EY9L54B, EY9L82B, EY9221B, EY9230B, EYC941B, EYC950B, EYC954B