What is Error Proofing?

What is Error Proofing?

Error proofing is the implementation of fail-safe mechanisms to prevent a process from producing defects eliminating the possibility of human error!

How much are you paying not to error proof?

What about customer satisfaction?

Manufacturer X is building up automobile instrument panels and they continue to ignore issues caused by the operator.

Application – Install four fasteners in vent duct
Problem – If an operator missed a vent duct screw the duct would rattle when the blower was turned on
Resolution – The only way to correct the rattling noise was to take apart the dash and install the missing screw
Cost – 2 hours of labor, $0.10 screws and an annoyed customer
Solution – The customer was able to correct their missing fastener issue by implementing a line stop which is controlled by a wireless qualifier and counts each screw the operator correctly installs using a wireless tool.

When to consider error proofing?

  • Best Practice – Build into the initial design
  • Quality Critical Applications
  • When consequences of an error are expensive or dangerous
  • Now – It’s never too late


  • Incorrect tool
  • Missed fastener
  • Error


  • Improper tightening
  • Wrong specification
  • Wrong procedure
  • Wrong tool selection


  • Inaccuracy
  • Mechanical failure


  • Improper materials
  • Out of tolerance
  • Defective materials
  • Insufficient lubricant

Advantages of Error Proofing

  • Improve product quality
  • Increases productivity
  • Improve work safety
  • Reduce/eliminate repair work


Increases Overall Profits!