Error Proofing with Mechanical Pulse Tools

Error Proofing with Mechanical Pulse Tools

Mechanical pulse tools are revolutionizing the industry delivering accuracy and repeatability using a patented algorithm to shut off the tool. Our programmable tools include quick set features that can be enabled by the push of a button to prevent installing a fastener incorrectly.

Mechanical Pulse Tool Error Proofing Capabilities

  • Remote control
  • Torque control
  • OK/NOK light for operator visual
  • Audio buzzer for confirmation*
  • Flush point detection L1/L2
  • Low battery shut-off
  • Rehit prevention
  • Cross thread reduction*
  • Cross thread detection*
  • Maintenance interval alarm*


(*only available on the EYFNA/EYFPA Tools)

Remote Control

Simply setup the Quick Set features using a remote control. Once set, the operator is unable to change the settings without the remote, preventing improper program changes to the tool.

Flush Point Detection

OK/NOK Light for Operator Visual

Low Battery Shut Off

Rehit Preventions

If the trigger is activated before the rehit timer ends, the tool will not run.

Cross Thread Prevention

Reversing the fastener 360 degrees helps align the threads to significantly reduce the possibility of cross threading a fastener

Cross Thread Detection

If the clutch is activated before the programmable minimum runtime, the tool stops the fastening process and signals a NOK Fastening.

Start error proofing today to increase productivity and profitability!