Assembly Tools - Battery Technology

Panasonic Is the Global Leader In Battery Technology

Over 180,000,000,000 Batteries Sold Since 1931

Panasonic provides
Exceptional Safety and Reliability
for long battery life.


Heat Resistant Layer (HRL) Technology

As the layers get thinner, the HRL protects each layer allowing higher density capabilities while maintaining safety.


Before HRL Technology

Nickel Oxide Based New Platform (NNP) meets the requirements for more powerful and increased capacity batteries, however it lacks safety.

Utilizing HRL Technology

Panasonic’s Solid Solution (PSS) gave us the opportunity to use both Nickel and Cobalt platforms to provide a balance between high capacity and maintain a high level of safety.

GuardION Technology

GuardION Technology provides total system protection to ensure exceptional safety and reliability for long life lithium-ion batteries. The tool / battery and charger / battery work together monitoring the battery cell voltage and temperature to optimize battery capacity.


No Cell Is Over Discharged
Sensors prevent over charging / discharging of the cells to avoid damage.
Overheat Protection
Cuts off power at the battery to prevent from overheating.
Monitoring of Battery Cell Voltage
Sensors monitor each cell to ensure optimal charge / discharge control.
HRL (Heat Resistance Layer)
The Heat Resistance Layer prevents the battery from overheating if an internal short-circuit occurs…just like a firewall

Increases Battery Life By 2x