Assembly Tools Applications

Panasonic Assembly Tools are ideal for any assembly process where quality and ergonomics are important.

At Panasonic, we engineer power tools to meet the highest standards - yours.


Panasonic tools can be used in a wide verity of applications in aerospace such as interior components, instrument panel, skin installation, main cabin floor, cargo flooring, engine dress, wiring harness, plumbing, leading edges and access panels.


Covering a wide torque range from 3 Nm up to 650 Nm for large fasteners. Here are a few applications where Panasonic tools can be used: engine components, interior, hose clamps, body panels, wheels, axles and frame mounts.


Panasonic’s tools met the demanding needs of the automotive industry and can be found in applications like door panels, instrument panel, electrical components, engine component and installing body panels.


Our precision clutch tools make for a great fit with the medical industry fastening electronics, plastic enclosures, specialty tools, metal housings and racking.


Looking for low torque high accuracy tools to prevent damaging circuit boards. Look to Panasonic’s low torque tools reaching as low as 3 in. lbs. on circuit boards, plastic housings, racks and enclosures.


Panasonic assembly tools are found in array of applications for the following industries ATV's, boats, campers and RV's, golf carts, motorcycles, personal watercraft, snowmobiles and UTV's.

General Industry

General Industry covers a lot of different manufacturers including white goods, furniture, lawn equipment, fork lifts, energy, motors, pumps and valves.

Heavy Truck

Panasonic mechanical pulse tools provide high torque with virtually no torque reaction for use in Heavy Truck and equipment manufacturing. Types of applications include interior, instrument panel, engine dress, hose clamps, P clamps and chassis components.