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Lean Manufacturing Consulting

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Panasonic's engineering solutions and enterprise consulting offerings can transform your facility to a best-in-class level of manufacturing.

Our Lean Manufacturing Consulting services and training classes are designed to help you to get maximum return from your capital equipment investment by making products flow through your value-added processes without interruption.

  • We'll apply principles like overproduction avoidance, value stream mapping and workload leveling to help you achieve a lean manufacturing environment
  • We utilize decades of manufacturing expertise to thoroughly understand the situation and implement the right lean initiatives
  • Our consulting services help our partners identify and eliminate waste to streamline manufacturing their operations
  • Our team of Lean- and Six Sigma-certified professionals can address challenges in nearly every area of the manufacturing process
  • Realize optimal product flow through a pull system starting from your unique existing systems and workflows


Operational Performance Consulting

Lean Optimal Performance Operations streamline information and material flow for efficient production with minimized waste. Panasonic's Enterprise Consulting team can help determine if initiatives are needed in your facility to improve WIP reduction, plant layout, labor resource, production control, and material management.


Lean Asset Configuration

Lean asset configuration assures that your assets are properly allocated and arranged for flexible, efficient production to suit changing demand as well as your short- and long-term needs. Panasonic's Enterprise Consulting team's approach includes asset allocation initiatives, line utilization analysis, and line layout and floor space analysis.


Quality Initiatives

We know your time is valuable and you can't afford to spend it putting out fires caused by inconsistent quality. That's why Panasonic has a toolbox of solutions designed to elevate and sustain both process and product quality.

Proven techniques include: Six Sigma initiatives, Lean principles, process analysis, materials analysis, scrap and rework reduction initiatives, and material handling assistance.

From Six Sigma efficiency to minimized customer service costs, quality initiatives enrich your operations at multiple levels by:

  • Streamlining material handling and placement
  • Reducing scrap and rework expenses
  • Improving First Pass Yields (FPY)
  • Increasing cash flow through reduced inventory
  • Minimizing unscheduled downtime and machine repair costs


Factory Analysis Services

Our Factory Analysis Services provide metrics for your manufacturing process so you can easily identify where systematic improvements need to be made. Improving your OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is especially needed when changes are made on the production floor to satisfy requests for smaller lot sizes, faster turnaround time and schedule flexibilities. Properly analyzing your factory's performance can further help in establishing a plan to minimize unplanned expenses and downtime.