EverVolt Pilot Program

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EverVolt™ Battery Storage System

Early Adopter Promotion (eligible to California homeowners only)

Always look for a better way. You’re in charge.

Stay prepared, independent, and in control. Protect your family from utility power
shutdowns, grid failures, and peak rate periods. With EverVolt™ battery storage systems
you can tap into your private energy reservoir when you need it most.

EveVolt Pilot rebate banner

Submit your rebate at Panasonicbatterystorage@us.panasonic.com

Additional information & terms
1. Rebate valid for EverVolt™ AC and DC coupled battery storage systems, one rebate per system
2. Rebate available on EverVolt™ systems purchased between 11/1/19 – 1/31/20
3. Product must be installed, and registered on Panasonic’s website, by no later than 3/31/2020
4. Proof of purchase and installation required (your installer will provide this to you)
5. Signed pilot program agreement required (your installer will provide this to you)