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May 19, 2020 9:00 am 09:00 am
May 20, 2020 5:00 pm 05:00 pm

Welcome FILO Community

Join Panasonic as we give an overview of our PTZ’s with streaming capabilities, a demo on the flexibility for control, whether for a single or multiple site church, and a demo of our AV-HLC100 streaming switcher.

Technology Solutions for Worship

Professional Video, Professional Display and Projection technology solutions from Panasonic will enable you to immerse and inspire your congregation like never before. Learn more about Panasonic Solutions for Worship

The Future of Video Production Virtual Broadcast

We are excited to showcase the future of video production and what we have in store for the year ahead. Watch the virtual broadcast to learn more.

Featured Products

Find out how Panasonic professional video products and solutions enable 4k video capture, easy live streaming and cloud-based switching capabilities.
Panasonic KAIROS Live Video Ingest Process Edit Switcher Production System
IT/IP Platform “KAIROS” achieves higher performance by fully utilizing the power and flexibility of its CPU and GPU, balancing total processing load without the configuration constraints of traditional hardware based systems. KAIROS offers unrestricted flexibility of input, output and operation for efficient production of expressive live videos.
Professional Remote Cameras for Broadcast Streaming Concerts Theater Install Staging PTZ Camera-01 thumbnail
Discover how the comprehensive Panasonic PRO PTZ remote camera lineup is designed and built to meet the high-demands of your bold creative vision.
Panasonic's broadcast cameras and systems are built with all the advanced functionality to capture all the fast action accurately. Immerse the audience both at home or at the event so nobody misses a moment.
av-hlc100 on countertop
Combining 1ME switcher, PTZ camera controller, and audio mixer functions in a single device, the AV-HLC100 makes it possible for one person to operate everything from PTZ camera shooting to streaming transmission.
panasonic remote broadcast ptz camera and tecnopoint dolly jib elevator controller studio-07
Bring a new level of movement to your remote camera live production workflow with track, dolly and motorized column systems from Tecnopoint, designed specifically for direct integration with Panasonic PRO PTZ remote robotic cameras.
Fremont Studios Invests in VariCam LT 4K Cinema Camcorders with CineLive
VariCam LT and CINELIVE create the ultimate solution for cinematic live video productions.

Success Stories

Learn how other houses of worship have provided an enhanced experience for their congregation.
Flatirons Community Church cinematic camera for streaming broadcast IMAG worship service CINELIVE varicam EVA1
Flatirons Community Church, one of the country’s largest churches upgrades to Panasonic VariCam LT CINELIVE camera systems for live production / broadcast of worship services.
Redemption Church increases millennial attendance, energizes congregations with 4K worship experiences featuring Panasonic Cameras and Projectors.
varicam LT in CINELIVE configruation used for cinematic live production in eastern hills community church house of worship
Learn how VariCam CINELIVE live camera systems help increase congregation engagement.
Multicamera robotic ptz NDI video production for live streaming with the AV-HLC100 NDI stream studio with SDI and HDMI
How a church utilizes an NDI switcher and robotic PTZ cameras to reach a wider audience through live streaming.
best projectors for large church house of worship cinematic video production
A turnkey 4K solution for seamless video capture, broadcast/streaming, and IMAG for worship centers.
At Calvary Chapel Melbourne in Brevard County, Florida, worshipers aren't the only ones undergoing a transformation. Learn how the PT-RZ12K and PT-RZ570 modernized worship at Calvary Chapel Melbourne.