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2019 Top of the Class Technology Expo - Boston, MA

February 19, 2019 9:00 am 09:00 am - 04:00 pm

We’re bringing our latest tech to you!

Please join Panasonic for a conversation and demos of our latest technologies including our Audio Video products and solutions at Embassy Suites - Waltham, MA in Waltham, MA on Tuesday, February 19, 2019.

We will be showcasing our Projector and Professional Display product lines designed for any environment along with some of our partners including: Legrand and Extron. This event will also offer two training sessions offering CTU Credits for attendance!

If you are interested in attending the event please RSVP by Friday, February 8, 2019. Have a colleague who might be interested? We encourage you to forward them this information so they can register and attend the event!


At the event we will cover a number of topics including demos and discussions on the following:

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10:00am - Are You Ready for AV Streaming and Recording brought to you by Extron (1 InfoComm CTS learning unit credits for this 1 hour presentation)

See Course Description Below:

  • AV Streaming continues to popularity as it allows pre-recorded or live content to be delivered to the user over IP Networks.
  • We'll explore AV Streaming technologies, architectures and applications as well as critical elements to consider when designing for these applications.
  • The management of recorded content as well as its distribution will be covered as well.

1:00pm - AV in an Information Technology World brought to you by Legrand (2 BICSI and/or 2 InfoComm CTS learning unit credits for this 2 hour presentation)

See Course Description Below:

It’s not uncommon for many people to believe that one day soon everything associated with A/V will be a “file” on the “network” and A/V will be just another spice in the virtual spice rack known as the Internet. That belief can levy a tremendous cost. While A/V relies heavily upon network compatibility for control, distribution, and even some forms of playback, the reality is that A/V places demands on signal integrity, bandwidth and latency that is far beyond the capabilities of even the most up-to-date institutional LANs. The best way to prepare for tomorrow is to take a serious, deliberate look at what’s happening today, how it might evolve and what we need to consider to be properly prepared.

Participants will gain a valuable understanding of trends and technology that will materially impact investments in both network and AV technology systems. Just think about the simple question “What’s next?” Is that 4K video, or are we already past that? 8K video? Is that real? And what about 5G cellular networks? They’ll change everything, right?

Everything we’ll discuss and examine will be from recent technology headlines. There won’t be any “push this button and enter this command” faux “product” training in this session, just fast-paced exploration of what’s new, what’s hot and what’s going to change in the A/V industry and around us.

AV in an Information Technology World has been a top attended session at the InfoComm Trade Show and Conference for a reason. Everyone wants to know where we are going and what we’ll see when we get there. Leave the hype at home and let’s explore the real issues and challenges that will change how we access, leverage, use and deploy audiovisual content in business, education and culture.

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Event Location and Directions

This Massachusetts stop on the 2019 Top of the Class Technology Expo will be at Embassy Suites - Boston/Waltham with Parking available on-site. Please see below for driving directions:

For Driving Directions to the Embassy Suites - Boston/Waltham, see below:

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