When your canvas is five stories high, only the best and brightest projection technology will do. Panasonic supports your most ambitious events and permanent facilities with industry-defining projectors, technical design and consultation, and flawless installations.

Exhibit On A Colossal Scale
Panasonic technology supports truly massive projection mapping that can coordinate images from up to four projectors and automatically adjust for differences in angles and distances that could distort or skew the image. The system even compensates for the “keystoning” that happens when a projector is tilted relative to a flat surface or the distortions created by projecting onto a curved surface..


Museum event installation technology
Keep Visitors Safe, Even After the Lights Go Down
Low light and shadows can be the perfect camouflage for bad behavior. Panasonic security cameras record images at very low light levels (down to .01 lux). Plus, our Adaptive Black Stretch technology brightens darkened areas so security personnel can see into the shadows to discern faces, objects and activities.


*Note: The projection mapping and video images shown on this page are credited to Laservision —
Designers and Creators of the Winter in Venice — "The Magic of the Seasons" Macau.