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Event Management Video Solutions


Put on a spectacular show, every time

Deliver nonstop entertainment to your audience with Panasonic audio-video solutions. Our solutions give you total control over how you shoot an event so you can capture unique angles and perspectives that will leave viewers in awe. From immersive projection installations to outdoor concerts, we have the equipment you need to stage an unforgettable visual experience.

Cut out for life on the road

Our easy-to-use 4K and HD cameras, projectors and displays are durable and reliable enough to keep working 24/7 while on the road. Panasonic audio video solutions are designed to work together, eliminating equipment compatibility issues. They can also be configured to fit any environment or production requirement, from outdoor venues to large concert halls to smaller studio sets.

Panasonic professional PTZ cameras are built to handle everything from basic video streaming to complex installations. Capture sophisticated images of your event—whatever the angle, location or lighting conditions.
More than a typical switcher, KAIROS™ fully utilizes the power and flexibility of its CPU and GPU, freeing you from the constraints of traditional hardware-based systems.
Our large-venue projectors deliver higher brightness and vivid picture quality for an immersive visual experience in settings such as auditoriums, theaters, museums, convention centers and stadiums.




Additional Resources


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World-renowned illusionist Criss Angel has been a household name for more than a decade, having performed countless shows for millions of viewers via numerous television series and specials and his multiple Las Vegas residencies since 2008.

Staging Success: Toward a New Performance Model for Live-Event Projection

As the solid-state revolution in video projection powers on, sophisticated stagers know that all laser projectors are not created equal, and they’re demanding features that deliver not just better total cost of ownership (TCO) but also better imaging, rigging, and video processing performance.


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HyperX eSports Arena

Equipping a massive, multi-level arena for video production and livestreaming with PRO PTZ robotic cameras.


University of Southern California

University of Southern California Celebrates USC Village with Immersive Projection Mapping Show. Read More!