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EVA1 scene file download free

Create Your Look

The AU-EVA1 can capture a wide range of exposure, dynamic range and color gamut. The EVA1 can record in a V-Log mode for maximum adjustability in post, or to a Scene File that precisely sets a wide variety of parameters to capture a specific look in camera for a fast turnaround and simple post. The EVA1 includes five factory preset Scene Files (two Cinema-style looks, two Broadcast-style looks, and an HLG [Hyper Log/Gamma] look for HDR production). These Scene Files can be customized to the user’s preference and new Scene Files can be created. Scene Files can be saved in the EVA1, as well as loaded onto an SD card for later use. Note that a basic, inexpensive SD card can be used to store Scene Files and the EVA1 can be reset to the factory presets at any time.
As part of the development of the VariCam LUT Library, Panasonic partnered with AbelCine to develop a series of Scene Files for the EVA1. AbelCine created 15 Scene Files based on the VariCam LUT Library looks, as well as four Scene Files that match the standard looks they have created for many cameras. Follow the instructions below to download and install the EVA1 Scene Files.

EVA1 Scene File Loading Instructions

  1. Format SD card in the EVA1. Mount SD card to your computer.
  2. Download Scene File ZIP file to your computer. It will appear as a folder named PRIVATE.
  3. Open SD card on computer desktop. There should be a PRIVATE folder already on the card from the formatting on the camera.
  4. Load the downloaded PRIVATE folder onto the SD card, replacing the one on the card.
  5. Eject SD card from computer and insert in the EVA1.
  6. In the EVA1 Menu, go to MENU>FILE>SCENE FILE>LOAD. A list of the Scene Files should appear.
  7. Select the Scene File you wish to load into the EVA1.
  8. Choose the Scene File slot you wish to place the Scene File (Scene1, Scene 2, etc.).
  9. Select SET to Execute.
  10. Go to MENU>SYSTEM SETTINGS>COLOR SETTINGS>MAIN. Select the Scene File slot you loaded the new Scene File into.
  12. Enter the new name for this Scene File (max. eight characters)

NOTE: The Scene Files can be reset to the original factory settings. Go to MENU>SYSTEM SETTINGS>INITIALIZE>LOAD FACTORY DATA. The original factory Scene Files can also be saved to an SD card on the camera. Go to MENU>FILE>SCENE FILE>SAVE or SAVE AS.

EVA1 Scene File Examples (courtesy of AbelCine)

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