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eSports Video Solutions


Captivate fans with every shot

Make viewers feel like they’re right in the action of the game with a fully immersive visual experience. Our complete e-sports audio-video solutions give you total control over how you capture everything, from the intensity of the competition to the final victorious play. Deliver unique and intriguing shots that play up the anticipation and make fans go wild, wherever they’re watching.

Deliver live action, close-ups and fan reactions

Long shots of a stellar stadium. Unique angles of the commenter’s booth and huddle spaces. Intimate perspectives on focused players. Panasonic offers a comprehensive lineup of 4K pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) remote cameras and controllers that support both production and broadcast systems. Our cameras are part of a complete solution that creates a fully immersive visual experience that translates the passion and excitement of the game.

Panasonic’s powerful PTZ cameras support multiple outputs, use robotics to create brilliant shots from wide angle to close up and operate under a single control platform—from local gaming competitions to international events.
More than a typical switcher, KAIROS™ fully utilizes the power and flexibility of its CPU and GPU, freeing you from the constraints of traditional hardware-based systems.
Panasonic high-lumen laser projectors combined with small-pixel professional displays provide a variety of perspectives with clear images that immerse your audience.




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