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CORE Asset Management hero

Panasonic Connect provides a one-stop service for all your IT needs from innovative cutting-edge hardware, industry-leading warranty support, professional services, and complete lifecycle management.

CORE Asset Management from Panasonic Connect is a complete web solution that allows real time management of all the assets in your fleet, whether Panasonic-branded or otherwise. You will now have access to all your assets and data in one place, with highly customizable features that enable you to manage your way. CORE Asset Management from Panasonic Connect is included in all future TOUGHBOOK® purchases. Non-Panasonic assets can be added via flexible subscription options ensuring your full asset portfolio is managed in one place.

From computers, copy machines, and smart phones, to software licenses and consumables, we provide a single pane of glass to view and manage all of your assets.

Asset Management Summary

  • Included in all future purchases of TOUGHBOOK
  • Lifecycle management features from asset registration to disposal
  • Flexible subscriptions to enable any other hardware or non-hardware asset
  • Single pane of glass to view and manage all your IT and non-IT assets
  • Manufacturer and Product agnostic
  • Intuitively designed, mobile-friendly web portal

Customer Pain Point

Once assets are deployed, many businesses struggle to implement a successful asset management system—simply put, many businesses still manage their assets in cumbersome spreadsheets. Often, customers do not have the internal resources to configure the necessary tools to adequately manage their fleets.

CORE Asset Management Dash
CORE Asset Management Dash

Our Solution

  • Full life-cycle management
  • Industry leading features and functionality
  • Extensive customizability
  • Offers flexible subscription options for non-TOUGHBOOK assets
  • Available professional services, including custom configurations and asset population for non-TOUGHBOOK assets
CORE Asset Management Assets
CORE Asset Management Assets

Key Features

  • Quick view dashboards
  • Customizable asset attributes
  • Vendor management
  • Asset acquisition/disposal management
  • Integrated ticketing for TOUGHBOOK repair
  • Customizable user profile management
  • Extensive Reporting
  • Imports and Exports
  • Multi division support

Why Panasonic

  • TOUGHBOOK repair ticketing system integrated
  • Seamless support
  • Domestic technical support
  • Single account manager and engineering support manager for all
  • Custom consultation, configuration and data population support by trusted professionals

Learn More About Our Lifecycle Service Suite

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