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TOUGHBOOK As A Service (TaaS)

TOUGHBOOK® As A Service (TaaS) is a subscription service that helps bring the latest technology to your organization without breaking the bank.

Many organizations struggle to gain CAPEX funding for technology. TaaS helps to overcome this challenge by offering a OPEX solution that can spread the cost over several years, resulting in a more budget friendly program. TaaS goes further by realizing ultimate peace of mind by including Panasonic Connect’s top tier warranty and ongoing engineering service converge. Our team of experts works with you from start to finish to develop a customized solution that can be deployed on time and within budget.

What Is TOUGHBOOK As A Service (TaaS)

  • A subscription service to utilize OPEX funds
  • Pay monthly, quarterly or yearly
  • Select the term from 36, 48 or 60 months to fit your needs
  • Add accessories, software or services as needed

Creating and deploying a customized, fully integrated equipment and software package that is budget friendly requires high level planning and flawless execution. With our expertise, knowledge and experience, we can offer cost advantages and product performance you won’t find anywhere else.


Benefits Of TOUGHBOOK As A Service (TaaS)

  • Alleviates budget constraints
  • Helps you stay current with technology
  • Save with included services, convenience and flexibility

Why Panasonic Connect TaaS?

Save With Service Benefits

No Fault Coverage*1

  • Enjoy free warranty uplift to the top tier protection plan, Ultimate Care and have ultimate peace of mind.

Ongoing Engineering Service*2

  • Take advantage of Panasonic Connect engineering service at discounted prices to keep your fleet up-to-date throughout the term.

Save More With Convenience

Readily Available Pricing Menu

  • Simple and transparent pricing plans eliminate the guess work in the planning phase.

Simplified Purchasing

  • Simplify purchasing by eliminating conversations with multiple entities. Panasonic acts as your single point of contact.

Enjoy Personalized Flexibility

  • Unlimited Hardware & Software Configurations Custom configurations allow you to bundle hardware, software and services to meet your needs.

Flexible Payment Options

  • Pay monthly, quarterly, yearly or under a custom schedule. Select program term from 36, 48 or 60 months.


*1. TaaS No Fault Coverage: Uplifts Protection Plus Warranty to Ultimate Care warranty at no additional cost. Requires the inclusion of Premier deployment service as well. Visit for details of warranty services.
*2. Ongoing Engineering Service: Talk to your salesperson to get a list of engineering time usage examples.