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Panasonic is pleased to offer EPEAT® Registered document scanner products

Panasonic is pleased to offer EPEAT® Registered document scanner products, helping government and commercial customers identify products and solutions which are designed to reduce their environmental impact.

What is an EPEAT Registered Product?

EPEAT registered imaging products meet an extensive list of environmental life-cycle based criteria in the IEEE1680.2 Standard for Environmental Assessment of Image Equipment.

To have an EPEAT registered imaging device, the product must meet at least 33 environmental performance criteria to achieve a bronze rating. Registered products are eligible to achieve a higher rating by meeting some or all of the 26 optional criteria.

Panasonic EPEAT Registered Scanners

Model Image EPEAT Rating






















Panasonic is currently working with the Green Electronics Council to register all of its latest line of document scanners. Once these products pass the rigorous EPEAT validation process, they will be listed on the EPEAT Registry.

Please review the sections below to learn more about how Panasonic meets some of the most important EPEAT requirements for its document scanner products.

Criteria and Materials with special handling needs

Within one year of product market introduction, Panasonic must provide all reuse and recycling facilities an end-of-life (EOL) characterization report.

EOL characterization reports provide information for identifying the presence and location of all materials and components which are considered hazardous or requiring special handling within a product. The EOL characterization reports also contain information on how to properly process the materials identified in Directive 2002/96/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Annex II.

The EOL characterization reports for Panasonic’s EPEAT registered scanners are available below.

KV-S10XX End-of-Life Characterization Report

KV-S81xx End-of-Life Characterization Report

KV-S2087 End-of Life Characterization Report

KV-S50xx End-of Life Characterization Report

Criteria Addressing Early Failure

Panasonic offers an industry leading manufacturer's warranty on its document scanners.

All Panasonic scanners come with a Standard Manufacturer Warranty that protects you against any mechanical or electronic problems — from ninety days (90) up to three years — depending on the model. We stand behind every scanner and offer the highest level of support so you can rest easy. These warranties are valid from the date of purchase.

If any Panasonic document scanner fails during the manufacturer’s warranty period, customer are advised to contact Panasonic's technical support hotline (800-PANASYS / 800-726-2797). Panasonic’s Limited Warranty repair and replacement service will be provide by Panasonic or an authorized servicing agent.

For complete details on Panasonic's in warranty and extended care services, download our Scanner Warranty and Service Brochure below.

Scanner Warranty and Service Brochure

Criteria Spare Parts Availability

Panasonic offers spare parts and consumables for all of its document scanners for at least 7 years after last date of production.

To order replacement parts you can visit Panasonic’s online parts website at
Call by Phone: 800-219-6203

Criteria, and
Product take-back and end-of-life processing requirements

Panasonic offers a nationwide recycling program for proper end-of-life management of EPEAT registered products as well as Non-EPEAT registered products via AnythingIT, an R2 Certified Electronics Recycler.

Customers with any end-of-life scanner product are encouraged to recycle locally through an R2-certified recycler. However, when a local vendor is not feasible, customers may use the Panasonic Scanner Recycling Program.

Panasonic’s recycling program will accept any name brand document scanner product at no cost. Simply visit our program website to request a shipping label.


Note: Customer is responsible for packaging the EOL device and dropping it off at a local FedEx location for shipment back to our R2-certified recycling facility. Annual Volume of electronic products collected via Panasonic’s Recycling Program in 2014 and 2015


2014(Metric Tons)

2015(Metric Tons)

Volume of products collected in jurisdictions with local or federally mandated collection programs




Volume of products collected voluntarily   



Total volume of products collected         



Criteria Key Environmental Aspects

Download Panasonic’s Sustainability Data book which lists key environmental aspects of our operations.

2015 Sustainability Data Book

2016 Sustainability Data Book

2017 Sustainability Data Book

2018 Sustainability Data Book

Download the details of the toxic chemical release

2015 Toxic Chemical Release Data

2016 Toxic Chemical Release Data

2017 Toxic Chemical Release Data