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Why Solar

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Money Saving. Planet Saving.

If you’re paying too much to power your home, now is a great time to invest in solar with the help of the right installer. Panasonic technology is better than ever, and creating clean, affordable energy is a smart move for both you and the planet.

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Completely eliminate or substantially reduce your electric bill

A solar system can considerably lower or eliminate your electricity costs for decades. As technology reaches higher efficiency, panel prices have stabilized at their lowest levels ever. With the average payback time about eight years, you’ll enjoy long-term savings from decades of free electricity.*

Sun and Sky

Shrink your carbon footprint

Fossil fuel-based power plants release tons of harmful greenhouse gasses, including CO2 emissions, into the atmosphere. Solar power is a clean, sustainable and eco-friendly energy source that takes advantage of the sun’s abundant energy supply and dramatically reduces your carbon footprint.

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Gain independence from the power grid

Over the long-term, energy prices tend to rise while power outages are occurring more frequently in vulnerable locations. A solar panel system with battery storage reduces your reliance on the grid, keeping you prepared with your own private energy store at your fingertips.

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Weather the storm during power outages

When combined with an EverVolt home battery, your solar solution keeps the lights on when the grid fails.  A battery storage system stores your excess solar power for use during peak times when rates are highest and during power outages in your community. 

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Increase your property value

Installing solar panels puts you ahead of the technology curve, making your home one of the most energy efficient on the market. Not only will the value of your home increase by $4-5 per installed kilowatt, but many realtors also say solar powered homes tend to sell faster than utility-powered homes.**

That’s why solar makes good economic and environmental sense. Visit Total Home Energy System to learn more.

* Reported by EnergySage
** Reported by Money

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