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N340 HIT® + Series


Product details

The 96-cell HIT®+ N340 solar panel provides a powerful combination of increased module efficiency, energy savings and durable long-term performance. Featuring a 20.3 module efficiency and 340 watts per panel, N340 delivers an advanced renewable energy source with zero emissions for any home. A temperature coefficient rating of -0.258%/°C, one of the lowest in the world, helps generate greater electricity output on the hottest days.

Panasonic home solar panels are backed by our industry-leading parts and performance warranty that guarantees minimum power output of 90.76% after 25 years.

Key features

  • Increased module efficiency of 20.3% enables higher power output and greater energy yields
  • A low temperature coefficient of -0.258%/°C produces higher output at high temperatures
  • Heterojunction technology with ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers reduces electron loss
  • High-strength 40mm frame design with unique drain system reduces water stains from panel surface
  • Complete 25-year warranty on linear power output, parts and product workmanship

Higher module efficiency for greater solar production

Over 40 years of solar research and development goes into every Panasonic HIT® solar panel. Our solar innovation continues with N340’s increased module efficiency of 20.3, enabling higher power output and greater energy yields. Maximize limited roof space and enjoy greater electricity production on any home and roof design.

High performance at high temperatures

Where most panels weaken and underperform in hot temperatures, HIT® high efficiency solar panels outperform like no other. Our industry low -0.258%/°C temperature coefficient helps generate more solar power than competing models on the warmest days.

Ultra-low degradation for optimal long-life output

HIT® N-type solar cells result in extremely low Light Induced Degradation (LID) and zero Potential Induced Degradation (PID) which supports reliability and longevity throughout your system lifecycle. This technology reduces annual degradation to 0.26% compare to 0.70% in conventional panels, guaranteeing more power output over the long haul. As a result, we guarantee a minimum 90.76% rated power output after 25 years, substantially more than other panels.

Enhanced high-durability frame design

A new 40mm heavy duty frame increases strength and durability, able to handle loads up to 5400 Pa of weight force. The practical water drainage system helps direct rain water and snow melt off the panel surface. This reduces water stains and soiling, allowing more sunlight absorption and greater power generation.

25-year TripleGuard warranty

Backed by one of America’s most trusted brands and 100 years of stability, our comprehensive warranty covers performance, workmanship and parts for 25 years. Our guaranteed minimum 90.76% rated power output after 25 years means you will produce more electricity and save more money year after year.