N330E HIT® AC Series with Enphase IQ 7X


Product details

HIT® AC Series Module combines the efficiency of HIT® solar panels with the intelligence of Enphase microinverters. An Enphase IQ 7X microinverter with Individual MPPT tracking (Module-level Power Point Tracker) is integrated with HIT® high efficiency solar technology to deliver maximum power production from every roof size and shape. The AC Series alternative energy source offers extreme efficiency and high power output for residential solar systems.

Panasonic solar panels are backed by our industry-leading performance warranty that guarantees minimum power output of 90.76% after 25 years.

Key features
  • HIT® 330W AC Series solar module with integrated Enphase IQ 7X microinverter
  • All-in-one smart panel enables more power, easier installations, lower costs, and higher ROI
  • Built-in intelligence for greater design flexibility and higher power efficiency
  • Field-replaceable microinverter and no DC wire management required yields lower cost of ownership
  • Improved safety and protection when inverter or grid power is shut down

Specification Description
Model VBHN330SA17E
Series AC Series
Rated Power (Pmax)¹ 330W
Maximum Power Voltage (Vpm) 58.0V
Maximum Power Current (lpm) 5.70A
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 69.7V
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 6.07A
Temperature Coefficient (Pmax) *-0.258%/°C
Temperature Coefficient (Voc) -0.16V/°C
Temperature Coefficient (lsc) 3.34mA/°C
NOCT 44.0°C
CEC PTC Rating (Tentative) N/A
Cell Efficiency 22.09%
Module Efficiency 19.70%
Watts per Ft.² 18.3W
Maximum System Voltage 600V
Series Fuse Rating 15A
Warranted Tolerance (-/+) +10%/-0%*
Internal Bypass Diodes 4 Bypass Diodes
Module Area 18.02 Ft.² (1.67m²)
Weight 42.99 Lbs. (19.5kg)
Dimensions LxWxH 62.6x41.5x1.6 in. (1590x1053x40 mm)
Cable Length +Male/-Female 40.2/40.2 in. (1020/1020 mm)
Cable Size / Type No. 12 AWG / PV Cable
Connector Type2 Multi-Contact® Type IV (MC4™)
Static Wind / Snow Load 112 PSF (5400Pa)
Pallet Dimensions LxWxH 65.3x43.7x48.5 in.
Quantity per Pallet / Pallet Weight 24 pcs/1098 Lbs. (498kg)
Quantity per 40’ Container 672 pcs.
Quantity per 20’ Container 288 pcs.
Operating Temperature -40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F)
Hail Safety Impact Velocity 1" hailstone (25mm) at 52 mph (23m/s)
Safety & Rating Certifications UL 1703, cUL, CEC
UL 1703 Fire Classification Type 2
Limited Warranty Module: 25** Yrs Workmanship and
Power Output (Linear)***
Microinverter: 25 Yrs Workmanship and Materials
Manufacturing Location USA
Peak Power Output 320VA
Maximum Continuous Output Power 315VA
Nominal (L-L) voltage/range† 240V / 211 – 264V
Maximum Continuous Output Current 1.31A @ 240VAC / 1.51A @ 208VAC
Nominal Frequency 60Hz
Extended Frequency Range 47 – 68Hz
AC Short Circuit Fault Current Over 3 Cycles 5.8Arms
Maximum Units per 20 A (L-L) Branch Circuit†† 12 @ 240VAC / 10 @ 208VAC
Overvoltage Class AC Port III
AC Port Backfeed Current 0A
Power Factor Setting 1
Power Factor (adjustable) 0.7 leading / 0.7 lagging
CEC Weighted Efficiency 97.5% @ 240V / 96.5% @ 208V

Easy to install

No inverter installation and no DC wire management required. The built-in Enphase IQ 7X microinverter is factory mounted on the HIT® AC Series Module, saving installation time, labor and money.

Simple logistics

The Enphase IQ 7X recesses into the frame of the AC Series Module, saving storage space, reducing trips up the ladder, and simplifying the purchasing process.

Lower operations and maintenance (O&M) costs

Each microinverter is field-replaceable without the need to replace the entire solar module. The operation and maintenance costs savings help maximize the ROI on your home solar system.

High performance at high temperatures

Where most panels weaken and underperform in hot summer temperatures, AC Series Module outperforms like no other panel. Our industry-low temperature coefficient of -0.258%/° generates more solar power than competing models on the warmest days.

25-year TripleGuard warranty

Enjoy decades of complete system protection with TripleGuard. Backed by one of America’s longest-standing brands, our comprehensive warranty covers performance, workmanship and parts for 25 years. Our guaranteed minimum 90.76% rated power output after 25 years means you’ll produce more free electricity and save more money year after year.