Solar Solutions for Installers

As a professional installer, why choose Panasonic HIT®?

By installing a solar panel on a customer's home, not only are they making a long-term and high value investment, but you are also providing the best service and delivering high quality products.

Panasonic is a renowned brand that will give you a reliable guarantee which you and your customer can trust.

  • Experience: Panasonic a leader in consumer electronics, business solutions and industrial components has been in the solar business for 40 years, providing high efficiency and high quality solar panels for 17 years.
  • Warranty: Panasonic's product warranty is one of top in the industry by providing up to 25 years in product warranty and 25 years of output warranty.
  • Reliability: HIT® provides many years of reliable operation over the system's entire life cycle.
  • Efficiency: HIT® is highly efficient and produces more power per square feet than traditional products.

Features and Advantages of Panasonic HIT®

Leading Edge Technology -
Silicone Hetero Junction (SHJ) Solar Cell

The Panasonic original silicone heterojunction cell has a unique property which minimizes loss of electrons, and maximizes the performance of the cell increasing its output.

Oiginal Pyramid Structure
While the flat surface of other panel reflects sunlight, Panasonic's unique pyramid structure helps the cell surface absorb more sunlight which generates more energy.

High Efficiency Performance at High Temperatures
Due to the unique property of amorphous silicon layer, Panasonic HIT® continues to be efficient and perform at its best quality even at high temperatures

Unique Water Drainage
Rain water is drained off the panel surface. This avoids not only water accumulation but also water stains after drying. Even in low-angle installations, the water drainage helps to keep the panel clean.

High Testing Standards
Panasonic's testing criteria is much more severe than industry standards. Testing solar panels has been a long term goal and assures safe operation for over 25 years.