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Green Tower

Green Tower

Keeping critical communications infrastructure up and running

The Panasonic Green Tower solution delivers guaranteed network availability to keep critical communications infrastructure up and running as demand rises. Our comprehensive energy solution combines powerful Lithium-ion batteries with an industry leading energy-management platform to:

  • Eliminate life-threatening downtime with advanced energy management and network redundancy
  • Ensure network resiliency beyond grid power availability with li-ion battery storage, solar power generation and satellite connectivity
  • Enable customers to reduce costs and avoid Capex with Opex-based Energy-as-a-Service model
  • Provide configurable size and weight advantages for deployment at restricted sites
  • Require virtually no capital outlay due to performance enhancements and operational savings

An advanced approach

For wireless carriers, energy use and operating costs have always been a challenge. In fact, electricity can account for up to 15 percent of total cellular network operating costs in mature markets and 50 percent in developing markets.

In both markets, power consumption – and energy costs – are expected to rise due to a confluence of forces, from the rapid adoption of smart phones and tablets to the spike in web users, and much more. To address these challenges, the industry is turning to efficient, remotely managed systems that reduce costs and create new profit.

Green Tower is a comprehensive Energy-as-a-Service solution designed to transform, operate, and manage ICT networks. Each aspect of the Green Tower solution contributes to a more-robust network that can be operated at lower cost.

ICT Operating Model

A strong financial partner

Funding for large-scale energy upgrades can represent a significant commitment of capital. However, Panasonic has the financial strength to deliver a solution that ensures attractive and reliable benefits now and for decades to come. With its affordable operating-expense model, Panasonic’s Green Tower technology, services, and financing package allows you to plan, approve, and deploy your ICT network upgrade quickly.

Contact us to set up an assessment of your network and learn how our Green Tower’s Energy-as-a-Service solution can help.

The Green Tower platform is designed to bolster the resiliency of legacy wireless network infrastructure and meet increasing demands for improved performance and anywhere, anytime wireless access.