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Grow your solar business with battery storage

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Grow your solar business with battery storage

As residential solar panel installations increase across America, homeowners are seeking ways to further protect their properties from grid outages. Battery storage provides the missing piece to a complete home renewable energy system.

The US was the second biggest energy storage market last year and residential homes played a large role.

Let our eBook guide you

Solar plus battery storage technology is now an affordable option for many homeowners. It delivers greater energy independence and bigger savings, which is good for homeowners and great for Earth. The tricky part is designing a system that puts the solar array’s output and the battery’s capacity to best use.

Our new eBook, Solving Home Battery Storage, looks at three different customers with different expectations and shows how to match the best solar + battery system for their needs.

Panasonic makes it easy to add another in-demand renewable solution to your services. Grow your solar business with a complete offering from one of America’s most trusted brands.

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