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EVERVOLT® DC-Coupled Home Battery Storage


Product details

Optimize your solar investment and create a more resilient energy future. With EVERVOLT you can store your excess solar power for when you need it most or sell your surplus energy back to your local utility.

Key features

  • Modular design with storage options from 11-102kWh to fit your needs
  • User friendly app to easily see your system’s performance
  • Multiple operating modes with master shutdown switch
  • Three main components for simple installation
  • 10-year Panasonic warranty

Maximize your solar investment

EVERVOLT turns your smart decision to go solar into a brilliant one. Enjoy instant emergency backup power and greater savings year after year. Quality solar panels generate more power than you can use in a day. If you don’t use it, why lose it? EVERVOLT stores your surplus solar energy for use when the power goes out or in the evenings when rates are highest.

Standby power that works in harmony with your solar panels

Even if your home isn’t solar-powered yet, have peace of mind with hours of backup power during grid failures and utility company shutoffs. EVERVOLT works harmoniously with your new solar panel system so you can run key appliances longer and live life as usual when the unexpected happens.

Flexible design to meet your home’s power requirements

Our innovative modular design offers the flexibility to start small and add battery cells as your needs grow. Or stack up to three EVERVOLT systems for larger power requirements (DC-coupled models only). And while other systems have to be removed and taken offsite for repair, EVERVOLT can be conveniently serviced in your home with no fuss, in the rare instance servicing is needed.

Save money through net metering

If your utility company has a net energy metering program, you can sell your unused energy back to them and earn credits to your utility bill. These credits can help substantially offset your electricity costs. Not only will you increase your return-on-investment, you’ll add clean renewable energy back to the grid.

Manage your energy from your phone

Manage your energy flow and system operation on the go with the EVERVOLT app. From an intuitive dashboard you can monitor consumption, backup power, charge/discharge levels, net metering and more in real time right from your smartphone.

Complete 10-year warranty by Panasonic

A long-term warranty is only as trustworthy as the company behind it. To assure you years of worry-free use, EVERVOLT is covered by a comprehensive 10-year Panasonic warranty1 against defects and workmanship, protecting your investment for the system’s lifespan.

Your 10-year warranty covers the entire system, including:

  • Panasonic Li-ion battery cells
  • AC-coupled & DC-coupled inverters
  • All internal components including, cables & wiring, connectors, switches, breakers
  • Cabinets & enclosures

1To activate warranty, your EVERVOLT system must be registered here. 2 To be covered by this 10-year warranty the system must be installed by a Certified EVERVOLT Installer.