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Product details

The EverVolt SmartGate enables simple whole-home battery backup installation for Panasonic EverVolt 2.0 battery storage systems. The SmartGate features a 200A automatic transfer switch for easy off-grid transitions and integrates all wiring for grid connections, load connections, ethernet/WiFi and data into a single, easy-to-install unit. SmartGate simplifies new battery storage connections to AC or DC coupled solar systems and reduces the need for a separate essential loads panel, saving installation time and money.

Key features

  • Simplifies connectivity of EverVolt 2.0 home battery and AC- & DC-coupled solar panel systems
  • Indoor and outdoor rated for safe, flexible wall-mount placement
  • 200-amp automatic transfer switch enable easy off-grid conversions
  • 240V AC voltage, single phase feed
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity plus real-time remote monitoring via EverVolt mobile app