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What Is the ConnectedSolutions Program?

During times of very high demand for electricity, think everyone using their A\C on a hot summer’s day, utilities must rely on non-environmentally friendly options to meet customer demand. Enrolling in ConnectedSolutions allows your utility to instead use some of your stored solar power in your EverVolt home battery system during peak demand events. This lowers pollution, increases grid stability, and financially compensates you.

So how do you enroll?

step one

Step 1

  • As long as you live within Massachusetts or Connecticut, have an EverVolt home battery system, and have an interconnection through Eversource you should be eligible
  • Once you have confirmed your eligibility your utility requires an application to be filled out
step 2

Step 2

  • You can request the form here. 
  • Please read and fill out the form carefully, you can find more information on the program from Eversource here.
step 3

Step 3

Once you have successfully submitted the application all you have to do is wait for your system to be approved and be part of the program.

How will I receive my compensation for being a part of the program?

How much, and when, do I get paid?

Will I know when a high demand event occurs?

How often will my EverVolt be used?

What if I need my EverVolt’s power during extreme events?

Will I need internet access to participate?

Can I opt out after enrolling?

Can I participate if I have a battery storage system without solar?

Am I eligible?

How do I enroll?

I do not have an EverVolt Storage System, how can I acquire one to join the program?

What if I have additional questions?