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Educational Video Solutions


Spark curiosity with every lecture

Inform and delight your students by providing a visual experience that engages and maintains their interest—no matter where they are—with Panasonic professional video solutions. Our cutting-edge technology helps you craft lectures and events, capturing unique angles and perspectives that enliven the material and create the ideal environment for learning and participation.

Create the ultimate remote learning experience

Students today are tech savvy and expect educators to use technology to help them interact inside and outside of the classroom. Streaming engaging classroom experiences or recording high-value programs for later use require cameras to capture quality images and angles. Panasonic offers a range of easy-to-use 4K and HD cameras for a variety of uses, from educators teaching from home to hybrid in-class/remote learning settings to customized solutions for applications such as labs and events.

The AW-HE42 is a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera that provides a single cable solution for remote video and audio capture. The four-drive lens system has high-performance, ultrahigh-resolution 30x zoom for incredible image quality.
More than a typical switcher, KAIROS™ fully utilizes the power and flexibility of its CPU and GPU, freeing you from the constraints of traditional hardware-based systems.
Our large-venue projectors are part of a complete education solution, delivering higher brightness and vivid picture quality in the classroom or lecture hall for an immersive visual experience.




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