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Intelligent Archive

Intelligent Archive


The permanent data archive with infinite scalability

Through a simple single pane of glass, Intelligent Archive provides the ultimate visibility into an enterprise’s archive data without sacrificing performance or scale. Intelligent Archive solves the riddle for today’s organizations faced with the challenge of managing, archiving and creating “Actionable Archive Data” without sacrificing budgets.

Built on true Optical WORM fabric to increase archive performance, reduce overall TCO and directly combat against data obsolescence with long media life up to 100 years, Panasonic proudly stands behind its commitment to “green” energy efficient innovative technologies.

Big data, big storage

Complete integrated solution

• Combines governance, risk and monetization of data into a single repository
• Immutable & true WORM optical technology
• Full index & search of archived data from a single SQL database repository
• Scales to exabyte's of data / 387 trillion records
• Sub-second query response time against full catalog
• Smart orchestration of data retrieval from archive data pools
• Green technology with low TCO
This is the most elegant simple to use search capability I have ever used in my entire career. Even I can fully search my entire cold archive and retrieve my documents of interest.
SVP, Archive & Analytics Global SI