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The smart choice for your assembly line

Panasonic cordless assembly tools help improve quality control and worker safety, increase production, and make plants more energy efficient. In nearly all applications, our cordless tools outperform conventional air tools as the most cost-effective fastening solution for any manufacturing line.

Reduce emissions and energy costs across your facility

Panasonic cordless tools continue to push the standards of performance and efficiency in manufacturing. Longer battery life, higher output torque ranges, and increased durability provides your plant with an eco-friendly alternative to energy-hogging air tools without sacrificing quality control.

How much energy can you save by converting from air to battery-powered assembly tools? Some industrial studies have shown cordless tools up to 99% more energy efficient than air tools.

Improve indoor air quality and eliminate energy waste

Between fossil-fuel generated electricity required to power industrial air compressors and constant air supply leaks, compressed air assembly tool systems waste a lot of energy. In addition, oil vapor emissions from pneumatic tools contribute to poor indoor air quality (IAQ) and health risks.

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Enjoy greater durability and less maintenance

Much more than on-the-job wear and tear, product life and maintenance cycles are determined by the quality of components inside your tool. That’s why careful consideration should be given to the type of componentry your tools are built with.

Designed and constructed with innovative long-life internal components, our cordless assembly tools last longer and cost substantially less to maintain than conventional air tools.

What’s inside Panasonic assembly tools?

High-efficiency brushless motors

•     No brushes to wear out, generates cooler operating temperatures

•     Rare earth magnets enable faster working speeds and high power density

•     High-power, low-maintenance motor ideal for heavy load applications

•   2X longer life and 25% more efficient than brushed motors



Long-life hybrid switches

•     Low amperage working current of only 0.5 amps (vs. 20-30 amps for air tools)

•     Prevents premature deterioration of contacts

•     Drastically reduces downtime and costly repairs

•     2X longer life than conventional switches


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