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Cost Savings of Panasonic Assembly Tools

  • Up to 99% more energy efficient than air tools
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduce maintenance cost
  • High power brushless motor
  • Eliminates torque reaction devises

Cost of Cordless Tools

Panasonic's cordless tools use up to 99% less energy than air tools. The costs to run a cordless tool is approximately a penny a day in additional to environmentally friendly.

Cost of Air Tools

Wondering how much that air tool is actually costing you to use in the plant. We did, which is why we put together an example application to show just how much money it does cost to run an air tool.

Durability vs. Conventional Tools

An advantage to Panasonic’s cordless tools is an energy efficient brushless motor and hybrid switch. These about double the life of the tool.

Cost of Compressed Air Leaks

To fully calculate the costs of running an air tool one needs to include the cost of air leaks. In our example it shows our cordless assembly tools provide additional savings.

Clutch Tools vs. Conventional Tools

Advantages to Panasonic's cordless tools is a high power, energy efficient brushless motor, all steel clutch and hybrid switch. These breakthroughs in our cordless technology about double the life of the tools.

Cordless Mechanical Pulse Tools vs. Pneumatic Oil Pulse Tools

In comparison, Panasonic's cordless mechanical pulse tools vs. oil pulse tools cost just a fraction to run, requiring little maintenance, they maintain torque and help protect the environment

Safety / Work Related Injuries

Panasonic's tools provide a different dimension with their mechanical pulse tools they have virtually no torque reaction up to 650 Nm eliminating the need of torque reaction devices.

Environmental - CO2 Emissions

Thinking about saving the world? Ok, maybe saving the world is out of our reach but we can all try to reduce energy usage. Replacing air tools with cordless tools reduces the amount of CO2 emitted from power plants, maintenance, they maintain torque and help protect the environment.