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Go Green with Panasonic Cordless Tools

Panasonic's line of cordless tools helps achieve your goals for reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions. Through the years, cordless tools have continued to evolve with longer life battery technology, higher output torque capabilities and increased durability. These advances in cordless technology has given manufacturers an energy efficient alternative for air tools. In fact, in some cases a cordless tool can be up to 99% more energy efficient than air tools.

To help explain the energy savings of Panasonic's Assembly Tools we've created an example to show how much a manufacturer could save by using cordless assembly tools.

Example Application

A manufacturer puts together 60 parts per hour and each part requires 2 fasteners. They are running 2 shifts, 8 hours each, 5 days a week and with two weeks of shutdown.
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Energy Cost to charge the battery

To calculate the yearly cost of running a cordless tool we add costs to charge the battery and to leave the charger plugged into the wall outlet.


3 Charge Cycles Per Day x 250 Days Per Year = 750 Charge Cycles

Use this example in your plant, look around and estimate the number of tools in the plant then multiply that number by $8.40. Example (20 Tools x $8.40 /yr. = $168.00 /yr. to run cordless tools).


If your plant converted 20 tools your company would only spend $168.00 per year in electrical cost!

In comparison, using the same example an air tool uses $505.01 annually in energy costs. There is a potential savings of $496.61 annually per tool.


Take the same 20 tools and now it’s a savings of $9,932.20 per year in electrical cost! Think of the thousands of dollars your company can start saving!


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Interested in finding out what your company might be spending to run air tools or how much a cordless tool might save your company in energy costs? Click the image to download a copy of our Cost Savings Calculator to find out.