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TOUGHBOOK Smart Suite Solutions

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Panasonic TOUGHBOOK® is your trusted source for hardware solutions, now it's time to get TOUGH & SMART with TOUGHBOOK Smart Suite solutions powered by B2M.

TOUGHBOOK Smart Suite Solutions

TOUGHBOOK Smart Suite provides you with valuable, intelligent and actionable insights into the health and utilization of your mobility estate. Smart Suite helps you monitor your deployed devices closer than ever and make informed decisions, faster.

Powered by B2M, the Smart Suite consists of three services – Smart Service, Smart Battery Monitoring and Smart Device Monitoring. By doing it all in real time, these services allow you to monitor and manage your devices as proactively as possible.


Benefits of using Smart Suite

  • Easy access to critical event notifications
  • Keep track of battery life
  • Keep track of device detailed information
  • Network monitoring & data usage
  • Report on device behaviour
  • Maximize ROI

Advanced Analytics Tools to Improve Mobile Device Performance

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Get deeper insight into your devices and diagnose problems affecting performance and productivity. All Smart Service analytics are displayed on our interactive dashboard, giving you easy access to critical event notifications, real-time updates, drill-down capabilities, graphs and charts, and more.

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The TOUGHBOOK Smart Battery Monitoring service keeps track of your devices’ batteries round the clock. It automatically alerts you when battery health is deteriorating, giving you time to act and maintain performance in the field.

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The Smart Device Monitoring service reports on device usage in even greater detail, giving you critical information on device location, user experience (including drop detection) and utilization. Set alerts based on geofence perimeters and devices’ time out of contact for precise data on where, when and how your TOUGHBOOK devices are being used.

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