Identity Redaction Solution: IDguard

AI blue digital face outline with IDguard logo

As digital content increases as a result of body-worn cameras & in-car videos, the ability to automate time consuming manual processes for video redaction enables agencies to streamline file editing tasks and respond quickly to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

User-Friendly, Web-Based Solution, Working
Independent of Other Evidence Management Systems


AI and machine learning technology to automate the video redaction process.


  • Reduce manual processes of uploading, storing, searching, editing and sharing content, to save time and money
  • Speed-up the time required to release videos to the public
  • Comprehensive administrative tools provide strict, secure, multi-user management with critical editing capabilities
  • Available on premise or cloud-based configurations with scalable options for any budget, access or security needs


       Easy-to-Use Interface


Toughbook Rugged Mobile Computing

IDguard boasts a simple UI, empowering users to focus on content.

  • Easily adjust proper identification settings to blur images from the master video file
  • All videos are copies of the original video for evidence management
  • Improve investigators’ reach by providing fast, accessible information
  • Increase accuracy through reduction of human interaction with files


*Productivity gain results are based on internal Panasonic testing and pertain only to video use case. Your results may vary based on user variables. IDguard application video processing time and resulting redaction capability is dependent on the number of faces within the video, clarity of facial image, system hardware configuration and user interaction.


Starting in the 1960s as a slow-moving, manual technique for measuring faces against photographs, facial recognition technology is now so sophisticated that it can collect thousands of data points in real-time, at scale. That evolution allows consumers to do everything from access devices more easily to breeze through lines at the DMV. But accessibility and scope have also brought new challenges for privacy. Eric Symon, the director of the Enterprise Process Innovation Center (EPIC) at Panasonic, joins host Barry Ross on The Big REthink Podcast to discuss IDguard, the intricacies of facial recognition technology and how AI can improve video analysis.