Deployment Services

Deployment Services

Special Ops for TOUGHBOOK® Installations

Ensure that your TOUGHBOOK® computers and tablets arrive ready to work. We design a deployment support package that is tailor-made for your environment. It begins with rigorous stress-testing systems for 48 hours straight, loading your software image onto systems and integrating third-party accessories, tagging assets, and producing deployment reports with data that you can feed into your asset management system. With our deployment services, you get far more than a fleet of computers. You get customized systems that are fully integrated into your organization – the moment they land in your team’s hands.

Our deployment services include:


Our extra-thorough 48-hour stress testing is twice as long as the industry norm, ensuring that every computer and tablet will work long and hard for you.


We affix asset tags and compile all data in a deployment report that can be integrated into your asset management system.


We catalog your disk image(s) and keep them up to date as you make changes. As units come in for repair, we apply the latest images and return them to your workers ready to roll.


Our specialists maintain complete service histories on all of your TOUGHBOOK computers and tablets. This allows you to monitor service trends and identify potential user training needs.


We create customized, detailed reports for each TOUGHBOOK computer, handheld, 2-in-1 or tablet. An invaluable tool for general asset tracking, you can also use them to track warranty renewals, manage wireless carrier contracts and more.


Whatever your accessory needs, our National Service Center can handle them. We accept shipments from manufacturers, add all accessory information to your deployment reports, integrate third-party components, perform testing and distribute your final customized computers to your employees—wherever they’re located.


We work with your organization to create a custom BIOS that shows your company name on the splash screen, in addition to setting up security options such as password protection.


We’ll install SIM cards and coordinate wireless activation with your carrier of choice, so your Toughbook arrives prepared for WWAN access right out of the box.


During device deployment, we can also install and activate Absolute®Data & Device Security (DDS). Even if someone completely wipes your hard drive, puts in a new drive and reloads their own software, your Absolute Activation Service will remain intact.

Deployment Options

Panasonic Premier Deployment Service Package

Available in 3, 4 & 5 year increments, this package provides a single point of accountability from initial deployment through the entire lifecycle of the project. You’ll receive a full service expert installation, including our ultra-rigorous 48-hour stress testing period, initial disk imaging, asset tag installation, deployment reports and ground shipping to multiple locations. But we don’t stop with deployment. For the life of the warranty, you’ll also receive reimaging after repair and continual online service reporting.


Panasonic Bronze Deployment Service Package

A cost-effective alternative for customers who wish to fulfill all follow-up services in-house, this package gets your team off to the right start with an initial deployment including: ultra-rigorous 48-hour stress testing, initial disk imaging, asset tag installation, a deployment report and ground shipping to one location within the United States.

Service Packages Include:

Service Packages

Services can be purchased as a package (such as Premier or Bronze packages) or a la carte.