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Third party applications and hardware for TOUGHBOOK® mobile devices




Customize your Android™ solution with a rich ecosystem of third-party software and hardware that seamlessly integrates with your TOUGHBOOK® Android devices. Together, we stand ready to support your business needs no matter what vertical or industry.

Law Enforcement

Public Sector

For our first responders and utility customers, Panasonic partners with ISVs focused on delivering mission-critical applications to keep you safe and productive. Examples include situational awareness, computer-aided dispatch, vegetation management, meter reading, e-citation, ePCR reporting and records management, drone control, and officer safety.



Panasonic partners with ISVs to bring complete solutions to the enterprise space that can help your organization adapt to an ever-changing technology and regulatory landscape. For example, transportation and logistics applications range from electronic logging devices/hours of service (ELDs/HOS) to confirmation of delivery. We also support solutions for food and drug safety, manufacturing Internet of Things (IoT) and the supply chain.



In the Enterprise space applications ranging from Electronic Logging Devices/Hours of Service (ELD/HOS). Food & Drug safety, Manufacturing IOT, supply chain and last mile delivery, Panasonic is partnering with ISVs to bring a complete solution to our customers to allow them to adapt to the ever-changing technology and regulatory landscape.

Panasonic continues to meet the challenges of the ever-changing global business environment.  We are committed to the continued support and expansion of our partner ecosystem as we support our customers with not only today’s challenges but also those challenges that they will face in the future.
Jim Dempsey Director of EDGE Mobility Group

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