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A long-term warranty as dependable as the company backing it

Panasonic EverVolt™ battery storage system stores surplus energy your solar panels generate during the day for use during grid failures and peak rate hours.

To assure you years of worry-free use, EverVolt is covered by a complete 10-year warranty1 against defects and workmanship, protecting your investment for the system’s lifespan.

  • Complete 10-year warranty coverage
  • Protect your family from utility shut-offs & power failures
  • Stay prepared and independent
  • Neutralize high electricity costs during peak hours
  • Installer agnostic2

What’s covered

  • Panasonic Li-ion battery cells
  • AC-coupled & DC-coupled inverters
  • All internal components including, cables & wiring, connectors, switches, breakers
  • Cabinets & enclosures  
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The protection you need. The peace of mind you deserve.

• 100+ years in business (founded 1918)
• 44 years in solar power research & development
• Over 200 registered solar technology patents
• Diversified portfolio of integrated solutions

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1To activate warranty, your EverVolt system must be registered here.

EverVolt must be installed by a Certified EverVolt Installer in order to receive this 10-year warranty.