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connected drive thru

Don't be late to the table

Restaurant success depends as much on speed, coordination and insight as it does on great food. No one is better equipped to deliver those benefits than Panasonic. Our end-to-end, connected restaurant solutions can move people through lines faster (or eliminate lines altogether), get the right menu items and messages in front of customers at the right time, automate kitchen processes to better use staff, and improve operations in countless other ways.

Ordering made easier

Panasonic offers variable point-of-sale solutions from traditional touch-screen ordering systems at the register to more modern, mobile Toughbook solutions that allow employees to move down the line taking orders while customers wait. To help move lines of cars through their drive-thru, one company introduced a careful mix of planning and this technology. It turned to Panasonic Toughbooks to take orders from customers while they wait in the drive-thru line. This gives restaurant employees multiple points to take orders instead of relying on the traditional microphone and menu setup. By having employees move up and the down the line while cars wait, ordering and drive-thru pickup is faster.

Exceed what customers have come to expect

Millennials have dominated conversations so much lately it’s easy to forget about Generation Z on its heels. Like Millennials, this young generation is made up of digital natives and craves the ability to customize its experiences. To target Gen Z, Millennials and other digital natives and mobile accelerators, companies have turned to self-service kiosks. Already the payoffs are big. According to the Harvard Business Review, customers place larger orders when using self-serve kiosks. They also free up employees and allow them to be more efficient elsewhere while providing a seven second reduction in service time at a QSR can increase market share as much as 3 percent. To help food retailers benefit, Panasonic has developed a turnkey kiosk solution. It integrates hardware and software into a single POS system. The self-service kiosk also supports full integration with almost any POS system. And that’s just one of the multiple payment solutions Panasonic has developed.

Solving for software

Hardware solutions are only as successful as the software it carries. That’s why Panasonic has developed its point-of-sale application, built upon nearly two decades of software experience in the food service industry. The software is tailored to meet the specific needs of the industry while integrating today’s technologies such as cloud-based operations and an ability to integrate tomorrow’s. Features include enterprise management in the cloud, redundancy at the workstation, CAPEX / OPEX business models, and can utilize Clearview Back Office or operate agnostically.